Fleet Strength
The right equipment for every job
Strength in Numbers

We have created one of the largest fleets of trucks & equipment in the industry. Not only is our trucking and equipment fleet large and diverse, but they also utilize the latest in technology, like on-board computer systems linked with a Global Positioning System.  This allows job plan details to be loaded directly to execute finish detail at pinpoint accuracy.

FERMA has the ability to haul everything within our equipment fleet, as well as the ability to remove materials from job sites. By minimizing the need to outsource our jobs, we can make sure our jobs are run with optimized efficiency and budgets.

FERMA owns almost every truck and piece of equipment we use, including our fleet of roll-off trucks, tractor trailers, fueling trucks and demolition equipment.  In addition to commercially available equipment, FERMA designs and fabricates equipment and custom attachments for specialized applications.  Our full time staff has a detailed preventive maintenance schedules to ensure all equipment is safe and ready to use at a moments notice.