Pioneers in Innovation

Since 1963, FERMA Corporation has adopted a simple business principle; create unparalleled value by using the latest in machinery and technology. This principle, combined with our 50+ years of knowledge and experience, has allowed FERMA to become a national leader in general engineering and demolition services.  By continuously redefining industry standards, FERMA has successfully managed to tackle some of the most difficult and complex projects in scope, time, and budget. Below you will find some of the key dates and fun projects we have been apart of over the years.  Click on the dates for more information.


January 1, 1964
Four Brothers start with the razing of a small building on Stanford's campus in Palo Alto, CA. Later on that year, they mustered up enough cash to purchase their first piece of equipment.
June 8, 1966
The brothers landed one of their first big and "dirty" jobs with the Mountain View Landfill
May 8, 1969
FERMA used a helicopter to help demolish the brick smoke stack. A rare challenge of the time.
August 7, 1974
Ferma's first marine job.
February 3, 1977
Pier 39 San Francisco
May 1, 1981
Bell Marine Keys
September 10, 1981
Bethlehem Steel- South San Francisco
March 10, 1983
Dumbarton Bridge
April 27, 1984
Monterey Bay Aquarium
May 20, 1985
Battery Street, San Francisco
July 1, 1986
Altomont Landfill
July 17, 1989
Kezar Stadium
October 23, 1989
San Francisco earthquake clean-up
August 22, 1991
Oakland Hills Fire Clean-up
May 1, 1995
PG&E Windmill
November 13, 1995
Ship Foundry- Oakland
December 3, 2007
Stanford Stadium
August 1, 2012
Doyle Drive- San Francisco
March 1, 2013
Siemens- Concord