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Hazardous Box Hauling

FERMA Corporation’s Debris Box Service is one of the few debris box companies licensed to handle and transport hazardous waste.  Green Box has the ability to haul your abatement and remediation to authorized disposal facilities with proper documentation.  Green Box Service can haul mold, asbestos, transite, contaminated soil, as well as many more common materials in our boxed containers or bagged for milk runs.

Debris Box Service has the ability to haul two hazardous container boxes at a time per truck, and can even transport stacked smaller boxes for added savings to our customers in time, money, and carbon footprint.  Green Box operates equipment that meets and exceeds California emissions standards and San Francisco’s more stringent standards.

FERMA’s Debris Box Transportation systems are able to precisely drop off and pick up the containers in job site locations that are more strategically advantageous to the work sites than Green Box competitors.  We are a service business, and no one provides a better service than Green Box for your Hazardous Hauling needs. To learn more about how we can help, contact our hazardous hauling team.


“Our industry has been transformed by the “green” requirements that demand a lot of paperwork. Your recycling summaries help lessen the requirements, easy the understanding of owner groups and help identify the job specific goals are being met.” S.J. Amoroso Construction