10 Common Industry Misconceptions
1Demolition contractors primarily implode, or “blow up” buildings.Implosions account for less than 1 percent of all demolition work.
2Demolition contractors destroy many structures that should be saved.Demolition contractors are instrumental in achieving the goals of preservationists.
3Demolition contractors don’t participate in the nation’s recycling effort.The demolition industry was salvaging building elements and materials for reuse long before it was the “ecological thing to do.”
4Demolition contractors unnecessarily overcrowd landfills with debris.The industry is reducing its use of landfills in favor of recycling.
5Demolition is an unsophisticated business.A safe and successful demolition project requires a working knowledge of both construction and the law.
6The methods of demolition never change.Demolition practices today are not only quicker but safer and more cost-effective.
7One demolition contractor is basically the same as the next.Don’t tell that to the owner who has had the misfortune of dealing with an inexperienced contractor.
8Demolition is dangerous business.In the hands of professionals, the danger is controlled.
9Demolition is expensive.Commercial demolition work generally costs less than 2 percent of the replacement cost of the building.
10Once a demolition project is completed, the owner’s worries are over.A project owner cannot “contract away” his responsibility or liability.